Our Vehicles

Over many years operating in the coach and bus industry we have listened to people's "wish-lists", likes (and dislikes) while participating in coach tours. Yes, we listened, and with all your ideas in mind purchased new purpose built vehicles, developed an eXciting new small-group touring program and named this new venture, eXpedition10.

At eXpedition10, we use two 4X4 vehicles on each trip, a coach we designed and a purpose built support truck.

These are the same model vehicles used by Queenland Fire Service and Queensland National Parks to access remote locations. Each vehicle has been modified to improve off-road ability without compromising passenger safety and comfort.

For your comfort, the coach has 10 wide, reclining leather seats with extra leg-room, plus armrests with storage space and usb charge points
eXpedition10's support truck carries all the equipment required for when accommodation is not available in remote locations.
We are very grateful for the ideas our guests shared with us over the years, glad that we listened and proud that we can take you to more out of the way places in safety, comfort and style.