eXpedition10's tours are designed to give our customers the best eXperience possible, visiting the best destinations in Australia.


eXpedition10  endeavor to source clean, comfortable and sometimes unique accommodation in every region we eXplore. For example a tour begining in a capital city may start with the first night in a ocean front resort, the next night may be spent in a remote town with just one motel or fossickers cabins in the middle of a gold-field. But sometimes on our remote eXpeditions there are no accommodation options available but we still want to show our onboard eXplorers these fantastic remote places. So how do we do this? We take our 'motel' rooms with us!


Our staff at eXpedition10 spend so much time researching suitable tents and came up with this great option. Roomy tents measure 3 metres wide and 3.2 metres long and are plenty tall enough for 6 footers. Large windows with insect screens allow light and airflow - for warmer nights.

Bedding is on large stretchers with matress, sheets, doona, pillow and throw rug. We even supply a bedside table with lamp and an additional light hangs from the roof.


eXpedition10's support truck carries not only the kitchen, food and tents it even brings along a portable shower and toilet! No need to travel days in the desert without amenities.

eXpedition10, going the eXtra mile